About Us

 Since I was young, I(Heather) was enamored with Scottish Fold cats.  I later was able to own my first Scottish Fold cat, Buzz Lightear (he came with that name) when we lived in Florida.  He was a wonderful cat and we all enjoyed him for many years.  My husband, Todd, had a job change and our whole family moved to Colorado, where we have been for the last 9 years. Since then, our children,  Daniel, Lauren, Noah, Seth, Hannah and Samuel are old enough to help with caring for and breeding Scottish Fold cats as well as exotic birds. It has and is teaching them about hard work and responsibility, and we incorporate it into our homeschooling. Our main goal, however, is to bring glory to God in everything we do and to show others how they can have a relationship with God and to know for sure they will go to heaven someday when they die. Do you know for sure? CLICK HERE.