This contract is legal and binding. Our kittens are raised underfoot and handled daily. They have been socialized with other cats, dogs, and people of various ages. The kittens should be confident and friendly.  If the Buyer has questions or concerns at any time they should feel free to reach out to the Seller for advice. We love each of our kittens and will do whatever we can to ensure they live fulfilling, happy lives in their new homes.


Breed ______________________ Color ___________________________ Sex __________

This kitten is sold as a ______________ Deposit ____________ Total cost ______________

Date of Birth _____________ Dam ______________________ Sire ______________________

Buyer(s) _________________________       Address _________________________________

State/Zip_______________ Telephone __________________ Email ______________________

Seller _________________________ Address _________________________________

State/Zip_______________ Telephone __________________ Email ______________________


By initialing you agree to the terms listed below.


_____ 1. To the best of the Seller’s knowledge; at time of pickup or delivery kitten is healthy. Buyer will have kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of the pickup or delivery time. If the Buyer fails to complete this mandatory exam this contract will be rendered null and void. Prior to this exam the kitten will be quarantined. If the kitten comes into contact with any animal of any species prior to the exam it will render the contract null and void. Veterinarian written proof of any life-threatening health issues found during the initial exam will be reported to the seller within 24 hours. If proof of a life-threatening health issue is received the Buyer may choose a full monetary refund or to place the full purchase price towards a future kitten.


_____ 2. This kitten is being sold as “pet only” without breeding rights. The owner is responsible for making sure the kitten is neutered/spayed by 7 months of age.   This is for the health and safety of the cat. There are risks associated with keeping a pet cat un-spayed and/or un-neutered that include territorial marking, pyometra, and a desire to escape/wander.


_____ 3. If any genetic defects result in the death of the kitten within the first year of life, veterinarian written proof must be submitted to the seller, after which the buyer may choose a full monetary refund or to place the full purchase price towards a future kitten. Fatal genetic defects include and are limited to feline leukemia, genetic conditions of the heart, eye, liver, and/or kidney. This guarantee does not apply towards any outside causes of death such as mistreatment, failure to administer vet care, loss of kitten, etc.


_____ 4. Buyer will provide kitten with a safe and loving home environment. This includes adequate human attention, toys, exercise, food and water at all times,  and continued vet care for the kitten’s full lifetime.


_____ 5. Except for the 1-year rabies vaccination the seller doesn’t recommend yearly vaccines. Administering the feline leukemia vaccine will void the health guarantee. Recent research has shown that the feline leukemia vaccine is ineffective and may cause a cat who receives it to contract the disease. Studies also show that vaccination sites may develop tumors at said injection sites. 


_____ 6. If the kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated at any point in time, the Seller reserves the full right to repossess the kitten without refund or replacement. If the Buyer can no longer keep the kitten they will contact the Seller prior to rehoming, for approval by Seller. The Seller will always be willing to take the kitten back into their care, without refund, if the Buyer decides to surrender the kitten by choice. The kitten will never be given or sold to an animal shelter, pet store, cat wholesaler, research facility or donated while living for any purpose.


_____ 7. The kitten will never be allowed to roam freely outdoors. If the kitten is outdoors it is only while accompanied by human supervision and on a lead/harness or in an enclosed safe cat habitat. Kitten will never be caged unless required for safety, during transportation, at a boarding facility, or due to veterinarian advice.

_____ 8. Declawing will void the health guarantee. As the Buyer it is your choice to make an educated decision on declawing. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to acknowledge possible health and behavioral issues that declawing can cause. Please look into detailed information about the surgery process to choosing this option. The Seller does recommend against declawing. “Soft Paws” nail caps and/or designated scratching posts are much preferred methods for the kitten to fulfill this natural drive.

 _____ 9. The Buyer’s initials next to each point in this contract as well as the signature below signifies that they have read and agree to all terms stated within this contract. The purchase amount is non-refundable and non-transferrable except under the terms listed on this contract.

_____ 10. Kittens/Cats may be returned at any time for any reason to seller who will provide it a loving home. There should be no reason during this kittens/cats lifetime that it will be given over to a rescue group or shelter (non-refundable).

_____ 11. Any legal fees incurred, by failing to comply with the above conditions, will be the responsibility of the Buyer. All legal actions regarding this contract will be filled in and governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Kansas, specifically Johnson County, Kansas. Buyer acknowledges they have read the contract, and are  fully aware of the terms therein.


By signing below you agree to accept this contract, and agree to abide by the terms thereof.

Buyer’s Signature _____________________________________ Date _________________


Seller’s Signature ______________________________________ Date ________________