Our Females

Princess Rococo

She loves to be held. She is very calm and patient. Socializing is what she does and she loves everybody.



Princess Ruby Woo

This beautiful cat is shy at first but caring. She’s very attentive, clever, and quiet. She loves being a mom to her kittens!

Princess Nellie

She is the  queen of the house, often basking in the sun and gently brushing against you with her long, fluffy tail. You will find her in bed with her plush blankets and pillows. She is truly a princess!



Princess Madeleine

Imported from Europe, Princess Madeleine is our newest addition to our family. Her father is a grand champion and she resembles him in many ways.


Princess Beatrice

Imported from Europe, Princess Beatrice is Madeleine’s half sister. Her father is the same as Madeleine’s.

Princess Saffina

Princess Saffina is owned by our good friend, NyKiah Thomas (Nikki).  Saffina just had her first litter of four beautiful kittens in June 2018.  She is a very friendly, social cat that loves to snuggle with NyKiah’s daughter, M’Seiya.