Our Females

Evelyn Bless

Evelyn Bless is a beautiful calico Scottish fold of Russian decent.  She is very gregarious, animated and friendly with people and other cats and does not have on ounce of shyness in her!  She recently had her first litter and is an excellent momma who dotes over her babies!

Princess Goldie

Goldie is very affectionate and friendly.  She is usually seen being carried around by someone in the family.  She loves to be around crowds of people and even likes our German Shepherd!

Princess Margo

Princess Margo is the newest addition to our home.  She is beautiful, pure white with gold eyes.  She is very peaceful and sweet.  Hopefully we will have kittens from her Fall 2018


Princess Madeleine

Imported from Europe, Princess Madeleine is our newest addition to our family. Her father is a grand champion and she resembles him in many ways.


Princess Beatrice

Imported from Europe, Princess Beatrice is Madeleine’s half sister. Her father is the same as Madeleine’s.

Princess Saffina

Princess Saffina is owned by our good friend, Nykiah Thomas.  Saffina just had her first litter of four beautiful kittens in June 2018.  She is a very friendly, social cat that loves to snuggle with Nykiah’s daughter, M’Seiya.


Queen Airabella

 Our beautiful Queen Airabella is an adorable TICA and CFA registered calico fold and is also our beloved pet. She loves her kittens and is a very good mommy to them. Please visit our “Available Kittens” page to see recent litters.